Balmoral Fire Station

Balmoral Fire Station


Fire and Emergency NZ


Balmoral, Auckland


Seismic upgrade and refurbishment


$1.2 Million


This project was completed in 6 Months.

Our client Fire and Emergency NZ required a seismic upgrade of the Balmoral Fire Station appliance bay, as well as refurbishment, which included reconfiguration of the building's layout.

Key Performance Indicators:

We identified the presence of asbestos early in the project, erected a tent around the site and safely removed all contaminants. We then carried out demolition works required, cut the concrete slab, and created new openings in the brickwork. We repaired all existing and new openings in the brickwork and installed new doors and windows, as well as linings, insulation and bracing. Next our team the finished interior fitout, carpentry and specialist linings before installing specialist items and extraction systems. Finally we handed the project back to our client with CCC, on time and on budget. p

General Enquires

Blake Ingram