East Coast Bays Fire Station

East Coast Bays Fire Station


Fire and Emergency NZ


North Shore, Auckland


Commercial Construction


$9 million


This project was completed in 18 Months.

This was our fourth fire station for Fire Emergency NZ, and was the largest constructed to date. Our client required a double-height basement, career and volunteer facilities, overnight accommodations, and a triple appliance bay.

Key Performance Indicators:

Excavation for the fire station had to begin outside of earthworks season so N.Cole built an innovative framework system to ensure we could meet the client's timeline in trying conditions. Once the foundations were down the precast panels were tied into the steel structure and the floor slabs were poured. The project boundary spanned a public berm containing a complex network of critical public infrastructure - all of which required lowering. Meticulous planning, and coordination enabled us to complete this project to a high standard and deliver our clients a building that could withstand the tough occupation of fire fighters for decades. p

General Enquires

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